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Not to worry! I’ve started sharing what I’ve learnt from my own experiences writing over the last eleven years. We’ve got everything from worldbuilding, characters, plot and much more!

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How To: Endings

Endings of a story have a special place in my writerly heart. Finding the right ending to a story, especially a longer project that I’ve been working on for a while, is a large reason why I write. So, how do you write a good ending? I’ve got some top three tips to consider when writing your own ending for your project. Tip 1 – Make the reader satisfied The ending has to have an emotional payoff for the reader, to close their journey through the story. How many times have you read a book, or watched a TV show … More How To: Endings

How To: Write when you’re busy

In one of my blogs last month, one of the reasons I said why writing is a Good Hobby is because you don’t need all the time in the world to sit down and write. Today, I want to talk about how to write when you’re busy, and my top tips on how you can still create even when your diary is jam packed with other activities. Focus on one project It’s easy when you’re busy to try and let your ideas list spiral out of control. After all, it’s easier to write down a new idea than it is … More How To: Write when you’re busy

How To: A Character’s Voice

Having a distinctive character voice for each character can help your reader understand their secret inner words. Not just through dialect, but the type of words they use and who they use those words too. Consider how you would talk to your partner, your sibling, or someone at work. You might have different jokes that would be okay to tell your husband, but not your work colleague. With your work colleagues you might be more formal, use longer words (depending on your job), but with your siblings you might have more “Banter”. A character’s “voice” is their way of interacting … More How To: A Character’s Voice

How To: Middles

The middle. The point of the story were the story finds its feet. It’s also the point where the writer of the story can lose their mind. Middles, I’ve found are always a tough nut to crack. They’re the point where your motivation is beginning to wane, the point where pacing becomes more than just a distant thought, and the point where you end up trying to draw out flowcharts to make sense of all of your loose plot threads. We’ve all been there, and today, I’m talking about my top three tips for how to write a good middle … More How To: Middles


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