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How To: Power and Politics

Identifying how power works in your world is important because, let’s be honest, power is what drives society. Who has it, who doesn’t have it, and what those in power do with that power impact swathes of society and the people within it. It constrains some actions and allows others, creating a complex web of … More How To: Power and Politics

How To: Writing the Antagonist

So why are antagonists important? I think every writer ponders this question at some point during their creative project. I personally find myself pondering this during the editing stage, when the first draft is mapped out and now I need to work out why everything happens. Antagonists are important because they not only provide the … More How To: Writing the Antagonist

How To: Writing Goals

What is a writing goal? Have you set writing goals for yourself before, but never been able to stick to them? Writing goals each serve a different purpose in your writing journey. Picking the right writing goal for the place in your writing project will help you continue the momentum with your project, and carry … More How To: Writing Goals

How To: Creating Magic Systems

Magic systems. Any good fantasy (in my opinion), needs a magic system. I love worlds with intriguing magic, and the ability to throw in a good few battle magic scenes. A good magic system, used well, can make a story stand out in the crowd of other books. Especially those with magic systems that are … More How To: Creating Magic Systems


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