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What makes a Main Character?

There are lots of different ways you can define the concept of a main character. They’re the ones with the Points of View (POVs), they’re the ones with the most chapters, or they’re the ones that the story revolves around. A main character, for me, is a little bit of all of those three. Importantly, they’re the ones that drive the story towards it’s ending point, and the one whose growth arc is considered the “main arc” of your story. Yes, this means they’re the character the story revolves around but it’s more than that – they are vital for … More What makes a Main Character?

How To: Smash 50k words in a month

It’s November, which means its Nanowrimo month for many people. Good luck to those who are tackling the mammoth 50,000 words in a month, and also good luck to those who might be doing their own variation of Nanowrimo with a different word count. If you’re new to writing, or new to using word counts as your goal, 50,000 words might seem a bit daunting. Never fear, here are my three top tips for hitting your 50,000 words in a month! 1 – Slow and steady Some people like to write 20k words in the last three days of Nanowrimo, … More How To: Smash 50k words in a month

Top 3 tips for writing Multiple POVs

As a fantasy reader and writer, I’m most comfortable in the world of 3rd person POV. However, if you’re writing a fantasy epic, how do you manage multiple POVs in your novel? Here are my top three tips: 1) be picky with your POVs2) write a unique character voice for each POV3) use your POVs to advance the story Be picky with your POVs Be really picky about who you give a POV to. Each POV needs to give something new – for example a new perspective for the reader or to follow a plot point. And remember, each POV … More Top 3 tips for writing Multiple POVs

How To: Writing Sub-Plots

Sub-Plots are a key part of any story, especially a fantasy one. You have to keep a careful eye on how many you have and what purpose they are serving in order to keep a handle on your story.   This month in my newsletter Writing on Caffeine, I’ll be looking at why Sub-Plots are so important, and my top tips for handling them in your writing! Not yet signed up? You can subscribe to my monthly newsletter by clicking the button below! Not yet signed up? You can subscribe to my monthly newsletter by clicking the button below! Featured … More How To: Writing Sub-Plots


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