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How To: Creating Magic Systems

Magic systems. Any good fantasy (in my opinion), needs a magic system. I love worlds with intriguing magic, and the ability to throw in a good few battle magic scenes. A good magic system, used well, can make a story stand out in the crowd of other books. Especially those with magic systems that are … More How To: Creating Magic Systems

How To: Choosing Main Characters

I’ve previously written about choosing a POV for your story, and how many POVs you want to use in your story. This month, as my first topic for my new newsletter, I’m picking a key topic for any writing project: who is my main character? You can have more than 1 main character, and I … More How To: Choosing Main Characters

How To: What is GDPR?

Any information contained in this article should be construed as legal advice and is not intended to be a substitute the appropriate legal or other professional advice in your jurisdiction. If you collect emails or names for your newsletters, then you will likely be aware of the numerous rules around collecting names and sending emails. … More How To: What is GDPR?

How To: Multiple POVs

Points of View, or POVs, can be a powerful tool when writing fantasy or science fiction stories. Not only is it common across both genres, it allows you to explore aspects of a story that would otherwise be lost if you were to use one point of view. However, POVs also introduce an exponential level … More How To: Multiple POVs


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