At about seven years old, I discovered the adult fantasy genre. I was attending my School’s most sought after event, the Book Day, where magical people would come bringing gifts of books for us to investigate, and persuade our parents to buy. Me, being a slightly devious, dyslexic seven year old, decided to divert from the allocated shelves for my reading age and stumbled upon a book called The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara by Terry Brooks.

And so, my love story for the adult fantasy genre began.

Over the next twenty years, hundreds of books, multiple favourite authors and hundreds of word documents of scribbled words, I discovered my true dream was to write stories that were brimming with imagination and magic. Places that were as fantastical as Shannara, as compelling as The Wheel of Time, and containing characters that were as real as those from the Stormlight Archive.

This is my place on the internet to document my short stories that fulfil my creative drive, whilst I work away on my current “Assassins WIP“. It’s a story about Mae, our intrepid heroine, and her quest for revenge. Think a combination of the worlds of “The Wheel of Time”, “Stormlight Archive” and “Assassins Creed”, and peppered with some dinosaurs. It’s great fun, and I hope it’ll be great fun to read too once it’s finished!

In the meantime, check out my Short Stories and Flash Fiction to get a taste of my writing style. Come join me in my Opinion Blogs discussing all things writing, my “How To’s” where I share some of my tips for writing fantasy worlds & the stories within them, and my “Monthly Blog” where I keep you up to day on my monthly progress & wanderings. You can find all my latest posts here.

Outside of writing, I’m a proud cat-parent along with my husband, and I try to make flowers grow in our garden to varying levels of success. Also, I like travelling around the world and taking 1000s of photos for “writing research purposes”.

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