How to write with music

Music can be a fantastic writing prompt, regardless of what genre you are writing in. Think about when you watch a TV programme or movie – music is a key part of the storytelling narrative! And there is no reason why it can’t be part of your storytelling arsenal.

Music can be a great way to set the scene, and you don’t even need to describe the music itself. Perhaps you can describe some instruments – a monarch being introduced to the sound of a thousand drums gives a very different impression to one who is introduced to the sound of a choir.

Here are three ways you can use music in your writing:

  • Pick a theme or set of music for each POV. If you get stuck with that POV you can use the music to get you back into the frame of mind for that POV!
  • Curate a writing playlist so you have access to all of your favourites easily. You can even create a playlist per project!
  • Having trouble with a scene? Think of a similar scene from TV or movies and find the soundtrack – you’d be amazed how much the right music can help set the scene!

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