Slow Down

“Can we please slow down a bit? I need a rest.”

“I need to rest,” Davi said, sitting heavily on the dirt track, “please.”

“We don’t have time, Davi,” Tabatha grabbed him by the arm and hauled Davi to his feet again. Everything ached, his head pounded, and his wounds were starting to leak again.

“I can’t-“

“If we slow down, we die,” Tabatha said. She looked over her shoulder as if to emphasise the point of the scouts that would no doubt be tracking them.

They had done the impossible, after all, and stolen the Rathen Archives. Even through the pain, Davi had to smile a little bit.

Proved you wrong, Inath, he thought. Their commander had told them the idea was stupid, that they would both be killed for their troubles. That they were too bullish to see the danger.

“Come on,” Tabatha said, “I’m not letting you die on my watch.”

She wrapped Davi’s arm around her shoulder and pulled him straight. He groaned as pain lanced through his leg. Maybe they hadn’t been killed, but a few wounds were to be expected.

“I’d just come back and haunt you anyway,” Davi remarked, gritting his teeth as he placed one foot in front of the other, “be the worlds worst spirit to you. Break things, make noises-”

“You do that anyway,” Tabatha remarked, “you don’t need to be dead to do it. Now move.”

Davi sometimes hated Tabatha’s order voice. But she had a point, if they stopped, they would both be killed by the scouts. Or worse, they could be taken back to the Queen, tortured for information, and have their bodies thrown into the lake with the man-eating fish in it, never to be seen again.

But it would be so good to lie down. The thought snaked into Davi’s mind, unwelcome. A sign of how bad his injuries were.

“You should-” he started.

“I’m not going on without you,” Tabatha said, “move, soldier. Before I curse the day of following your dumb ideas to a successful conclusion.”

Featured image credit: Patrick Fore on Unsplash

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