March Update

This month has been a month of exploring new ways of trying to write. I’ve got some new noise cancelling headphones, and in an attempt to try and change up how and where I write, I’ve been trying with the dictation function on Word. It’s not perfect, it certainly doesn’t like made up fantasy references, but it does allow me to get some words down on the page. We’ll see how much I can get on the page using this new method!

Writing on Caffeine – Writing Warm Ups

This month in my newsletter, I talked about warm up exercises for your writing craft, why they’re important and a few ideas for you to use! Like any craft, you need to practice your writing muscles outside of your core projects, and that’s where little warm ups can come into help!

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This month’s blogs

Don’t forget to check out this month’s blogs below!

The Dream

You write for the younger you. For the younger you who always dreamed but never believed you really could. For the younger you who wished with all of her heart to create a dream. For the younger you who saw no limits. For the younger you who still dreams today. For the you that still…

Having all the time in the world isn’t always a good thing

You might think that having all the time in the world to do your writing is a good thing. You have these images of people with unlimited time sitting there with a candle burning, a notebook and a pen on their desk, wistfully staring out of the window and contemplating existence. However, I don’t think…

This is not a plan

“You said you had a plan for this?! Flying into the port with no approvals is not a plan.” Taelew looked over at his co-pilot. Yivonn was not one for breaking the rules, which is why he hadn’t told her of the plan until they were on the final descent. “I do have a plan,”…

Editing a First Draft – Top Tips

First drafts are fickle creatures. They are hastily thrown together (especially if you are a “gardener” writer like myself) and need work to form the story that you see in your mind’s eye. Editing your first draft can feel like climbing a mountain without a guidebook – there is simply so much to fix, and…

Lessons from Flowers

Flowers can teach us a lot. They can teach us about what it takes to grow. That you have to be fed with the basics of human needs before you can truly flourish. That everyone grows at their own rate, and that other people’s journey cannot be compared to your own. They teach us that…

Other things I’ve been up to

This month we’ve been ploughing our way through Shadow and Bone Season 2. I do find this series a lot of fun – I’ve not read the books (although I think they’ll be added to my TBR list, especially anything about the Crows), so I’ve been going in with no background knowledge. I’m almost finding the “side characters” (especially the Crows) more fun than the main characters – they’re ridiculous and a lot of fun. Definitely one to watch!

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