February Thoughts – Welcoming Spring

This month has been a waxing and waning of writing inspiration and time. Sometimes I find there are weeks I can sit at a desk and write a lot, other times I have to go and rest on the sofa. I was really struggling to get back into my novel until I spoke with one of my friends who had recently taken up writing as a hobby. She was talking about how she had spent time planning out her story and made the comment that it’s technically still writing – right?

In that moment I was quick to assure her that yes, planning is still writing. Thinking up new ideas even if you’re laid up on the sofa (in my case) is still putting something towards writing. Even if you don’t type a single word, engaging with your project and creativity in a way that brings you joy – that is the heart of any creative’s life.

February is a short month, so it always goes by in a flash. Spring starts to etch its way into the flowerbeds and into the trees, birdsong is beginning to fill the mornings, and new life is on it’s way. It’s one of my favourite times of year, and this year, I can’t wait to see what springtime brings me in terms of creative ideas.

Writing on Caffeine – Travelling around your world

This month in my newsletter, I talked about how you plan and structure the travel around your world. What kind of technologies have you developed – and why? How do they fit into your world? All key questions as part of your worldbuilding!

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This month’s blogs

Don’t forget to check out this month’s blogs below!

Travelling around your world – Writing on Caffeine

This month in my newsletter, Writing on Caffeine, I’m looking at worldbuilding, and the topic of conversation is how your characters travel around your world. How people travel can be intrinsic to how large or small the world they experience is – if everyone travels on foot, then journeys of a few hundred miles will…

After the Battle

“How are you doing, now?” Yinla asked. Oaleth poked the fire with the end of a stick. The smoke curled upwards into the night sky. “That’s a loaded question,” he replied, looking up at the stars above. They twinkled back, quietly watching over the world below. The world they had just saved. “Alright,” Oaleth said,…

Consume stories, regardless of the medium

There is a lot of good writing advice out in the internet ether that recommends reading a lot if you want to write a lot. This advice has a lot of truth in it, and it is important to read to help your writing craft. However, today I want to talk about the benefit you…

Arrival at Maalek

“Here we are,” their guide announced, “the legendary city of Maalek,” Serene rolled her eyes. The sprawling ruins in front of her did not look anything like the ballads that Kieraj had been singing about for the past week. They seemed old, realistic, and, well normal. Nothing like the soaring towers and gilded halls that…

New Love

“So,” Iuen asked, “what do you think?” Ealia looked over at Iuen. Part of her wondered absently if he would ever get the grass stains out of his grey officers robes. Maybe he’d get ribbed for it back at the officer’s mess, interrogated to find out who his mysterious lover was. “Think of what?” she…

Other things I’ve been up to

We’ve binged out way through Vox Machina Series 2, which is an excellent fun series and full of great characters and some high quality crude jokes. A good watch if you’re into any kind of DND or have listened to Critical Role!

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