Goodbye January

January has come and gone in a blink of an eye it feels like. I’ve been improving my wordcounts on my novel, and had a few plot-based breakthroughs this month that I’ll talk about more in a separate blog. For now, the focus is to try and stay on track with my novel writing, stay on top of my blog, and try not to get too bogged down in the “noise” of marketing and social media whilst I do it.

Introducing your Characters

This month on my writing advice newsletter, I talked about introducing your characters! This newsletter has been a pet project of mine for a year and a bit, and I’ve really enjoyed looking at the technical aspects of writing craft alongside doing my actual creative work. It’s been a learning experience for me, and I hope a learning experience for you if you’re a subscriber!

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This Month’s Blogs

I’m getting back into the groove of regular blogging, so I’ve got a selection of advice blogs, book reviews, and stories for you this month!

Using Minor Characters in your Writing

When I talk about a minor character, I’m talking about those characters who doesn’t really have a purpose beyond adding colour to a particular Point of View character’s story. Perhaps it’s the person serving coffee to our Main Character in the morning, or a fleeting mention of someone they once met. So, if our minor…

Introducing your Characters – Writing on Caffeine

This month in my newsletter, Writing on Caffeine, I’m looking at how to introduce your characters to your reader. Let’s think about what is your elevator pitch for your character, and what scenes you’re using to introduce them. After all, the introduction is setting the stage for the rest of your story, as well as…

Traits of a Turned

“You don’t understand me” he said, head in his hands, “you can’t see inside my head.” Amily sighed at her brother. He was in a sorry state, not that she would tell him that. Bandaged up, more white cloth than skin was visible on his legs and arms. On his head sat a helmet covered…

My thoughts on Ship of Magic – beginning the Liveship Traders Trilogy

Having finished the Farseer Trilogy, I then had a decision whether I wanted to follow the rest of the Realm of the Elderlings storyline in chronological or published order. I decided to go with chronological, which then led me to the first of the Liveship Traders trilogy, the Ship of Magic. Part of my reading…

Things I’ve been reading

I’m still working my way through The Mad Ship by Robin Hobb. Reading has taken a back seat whilst I’ve been having a break from the regular train commuting journeys. I’m hoping a few more hour long train rides will help me get back into the groove again! You can follow me on Goodreads if you’re interested in other books I’ve recommended!

 I’ve also been adding to my TBR list like mad – the newest Secret Project from Brandon Sanderson, along with a number of e-books from my local library like Circe.

What I’ve been watching

I’ve recently finished the latest series of Jack Ryan – which whilst is not my normal go-to TV (Jack seems to have far too much plot armour for my liking), it does have an excellent soundtrack.

I’m currently working my way through the third series of His Dark Materials which is one of those series I hold dear to my heart.

In terms of new finds, I’ve recently started binging Ghosts which is a lovely, light hearted, sitcom comedy show. As someone who loved Blackadder and Red Dwarf as a kid, having a light hearted, silly character based sitcom to watch has been a real joy.

That’s it for this month!

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