Closing thoughts on 2022

It’s the end of December, and the end of 2022. This year has been a bit of a rollercoaster, and the last few months in particular have taken me away from all things writing and blogging. It’s been a time of change, a time of gratefulness, and a time to reflect on where to put energy in the coming months and next year.

This year I’ve made a haltering progress on my first novel. It’s been a stop-start endevour as I’ve been trying to work out how to make the various pieces of the puzzle fit. However, a few months away at a time has given me increased clarity and a new resolve that I can plough ahead with edits in 2023.

I’ve also been really pleased with keeping up with my monthly Newsletters! I have really enjoyed writing about writing, it’s given me a new perspective on the skills I already have, and those I want to develop more. Writing some of the newsletters has actually unlocked some key parts of my prose writing habits and writing blocks as well, which is an added bonus!

Finally, I’ve managed to get back into a rhythm with my flash fictions which have been great fun to try out random prompts and scenes and share them with the world.

I’ve put a roundup of all of this years posts below if you wish to have a look! Hope you all have a wonderful holidays and see you in 2023!

What makes a Main Character?

There are lots of different ways you can define the concept of a main character. They’re the ones with the Points of View (POVs), they’re the ones with the most chapters, or they’re…

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A month of organising

This month has been a month of organising. A month where, whilst not many words actually made it onto the page, there was a lot of thinking about writing. And you know what?…

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Worldbuilding with Magic

Fantasy stories of all shapes and sizes always have some kind of magical element to them. It’s what ties together the genre across all flavours of fantasy. Magic systems are deeply integral to…

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Remember (but I can’t)

“Remember when we said we’d first come here?” Sanra shouted in her mother’s ear over the roar of the waterfall in front of them. One of the original homes of the Coven, hidden…

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My Favourite Writing Soundtracks

For me, writing is intrinsically linked to music. What music I am listening to will dictate the outcome of a particular scene or character, and some characters even have particular albums dedicated to…

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February Thoughts

This month has been something of a busy one. I’ve been travelling (first time in a long while!) which has taken me away from the desk and all things blogging and writing. However,…

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No One of Importance

“Who are you exactly?” Ratve’s voice broke through the silence around the campfire. He asked what they were all thinking but he was the only one brave enough to actually ask the brooding…

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The Purpose of an Antagonist

If you’ve read anything about character building, you’ve probably heard about the term “antagonist” before. You might even know who in your book is going to be set up to be the antagonist,…

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No way I’m eating that

“There is no way on this side of the eleven circles of afterlife I am eating that,” Tanker scrunched his nose up at the proffered sandwich. “Oh come on,” Flanks said next to…

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Why Writing Warmups are Important

Whether you’re new to fantasy writing or you’re an old hat, you’ve probably come across advice to use writing warmup exercises to get the creative juices flowing. I never used to use exercises…

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My thoughts on The Poppy War

The Poppy War by R.F.Kuang is a book I first stumbled upon when meandering through the quiet bookshelves of Waterstones on a “just let’s have a look and not buy anything” book hunts.…

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Edits, Edits, Edits

In April 2020, I wrote 40,000 in one month on my novel. In April 2022, I’ve written…about 2,000. But you know what? I’ve still written more valuable words, because they make sense. And…

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You can’t re-write history

“Stop this!” Vashna screamed, pulling at the ropes around his wrists, “for the sake of yourself, Maynie, you need to stop!” Maynie looked up from the alter, hair askew and magic wild in…

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Why you need to go outside

If you are active on any kind of social media, you are likely to see photos of beautiful writing setups, cosy desks, achievements of those who have written ten thousand words in a…

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March of the Valentas

Ashayra was taller than Miaken expected. He knew that she was from the South, and like all Southeners was always going to be tall, but he did expect her to have to stoop…

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You write what you read

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these updates about my fantasy novel The Akrion Cycle (Book 1). The last six months have not got much to show in terms of…

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June Roundup

This month of June (like all summer months) has been busy. It’s been a time that I’ve spent outside in the garden or meeting friends, something which has been sorely missing in the…

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July Thoughts

July has rushed past in a flash, like most summer months. I’ve spent it being quite creative, but not with my writing. Gardening, baking and new sewing projects have all taken up my…

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Do you recognise this song?

“Do you recognise this song?” The words were raspy and barely formed. Marlie moved her head slowly on the bed towards Ranlen, looking up at him through gauzes and bandages. “Do you recognise…

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Summer’s End

August is always a month of re-set. Even though I am long past the educational systems’ September-September year, there always is this sensation of starting a new cycle at the end of August.…

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We’re not going that way

“Why not?” “Why not?!” Favian’s voice rose another octave, “because I don’t want to die, Renglat. I like all my limbs on me, not in the mouth of some gods forsaken creature.” Renglat…

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September Wrap Up

September has come and gone in the blink of an eye. For me, September has been a month of trying to get back into doing normal things, following August throwing me off my…

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