We’re not going that way

“Why not?”

“Why not?!” Favian’s voice rose another octave, “because I don’t want to die, Renglat. I like all my limbs on me, not in the mouth of some gods forsaken creature.”

Renglat sighed. The Bard was trying at times, but when it came to decisions like this, he was almost insufferable.

“The alternative,” Renglat said, pointing south, “is to go through Furkenswood. No one in Furkenswood is going to give us food, shelter, or peace.”

“At least they don’t have two rows of teeth,” Favian countered.

Gods bless my patience, Renglat thought. He dug his heels into his horse, pointing her in the direction of the mountains.

“We cannot end up in jail again, Favian,” Renglat said, “there is simply no time. If we waste any more time arguing, then the Manchien armies will already be at the Fountain and then we’re all screwed.”

Favian raised his eyebrows.

“Bet you could get screwed in Furkenswood,” he remarked, pointing his horse southwards.

“We are going to have to focus on something that is other than getting you laid, Favian,” Renglat said, “like saving the world. It’s a bit more important.”

He pressed his horse forward slightly, taking her a few steps towards the mountains.

“I said I don’t want to go that way,” Favian repeated. Renglat smiled as Favian turned his horse slightly away from the south. The Bard might like to put up a fight, but he was true to his heart. It was why Renglat allowed him to accompany his adventures, at least someone would then remember the story if he died.

Renglat let his horse take a few more steps forward.

“Coming?” he asked Favian.

Favian muttered a stream of curse words in his native language.

“If I die,” he said, heeling his horse next to Renglat, “I’m going to come back and haunt you. Am I clear.”

“Exceptionally so,” Renglat said, patting Favian’s shoulder, “the last thing I would want is for you to be bothering me about my love life.”

Before Favian could respond, Renglat heeled his horse into a canter. No doubt he would pay for that comment by nightfall, most likely with a new song about a number of made up adventures.

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