Summer’s End

August is always a month of re-set. Even though I am long past the educational systems’ September-September year, there always is this sensation of starting a new cycle at the end of August. In some ways, it’s a farewell to the height of summer and looking onwards into winter, and for me, it’s also a hello to writing more.

Summer is never a productive month for writing. It’s a great month for ideas, for getting outside, but not one for sitting down with a computer screen for hours at the weekend. I find I’d rather spend the time outside in the garden or visiting friends.

One of the things I’ve come to accept most recently is that writing comes in ebbs and flows. Yes, a routine is important, but so is recognising that you cannot do writing at the expense of anything else. In fact, for me, my writing flows better when I’ve had some time away from it.

Writing on Caffeine – Building Urban Areas

This month’s Writing on Caffeine was all about how to create urban areas in your fantasy worlds. If you’re looking for some friendly monthly writing advice, subscribe to my newsletter below! You also get access to my fantasy short story, The Gateway of Arieum.

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This month’s posts

I’ve been catching up on my blogging this month (especially my flash fictions!). If you’ve missed any posts, here are all of my blogs from this month.

How to create a map of your fantasy world

You know you’re reading a fantasy book when the first two (or sometimes multiple) pages are of maps of the world. These help give your reader a visual context (and help remind them where places are in relation to others). Maps aren’t essential for writing a fantasy book, but I’ve always found having one (however…

Finishing the Farseer Trilogy – my thoughts on Assassin’s Quest

The last book in the Farseer Trilogy we weave our way to the conclusion of Fitz’ quest to find Verity, who has been lost in the mountains since the end of book 1. I really enjoyed the start of the book, which followed Fitz’s reintegration with the human world. The gentle way that Hobb highlights…

Restraint (From the Archives)

“You have to be calm!” Fretr yelled over the sounds of the storm. Above, lighting cracked overhead in the dark heavy clouds. Henni could feel the rain start hitting her cheek.  She was the storm. She could feel its power thundering through her veins, taking her mind away from the ground and upwards into the…

Control (From the Archives)

  Zeleth held the Orb in his hands, gently brushing his thumbs across the clear glass surface. Inside, the green light of the Uneltro followed his thumb like a pup would follow its master’s hand. It seemed so strange, something this small could hold so much power. A knock at the door. “Leave me,” Zeleth…

What else I’ve been up to

I’m still working my way through The Liveship Trilogy by Robin Hobb. As I’ve been commuting less over the past month, my reading time has slipped away. However, hoping to make more progress in the autumn!

I’ve also been diving into Stranger Things (somehow was that one person who never caught on the hype train when this series started), which I’ve been enjoying quite a lot.

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