June Roundup

This month of June (like all summer months) has been busy. It’s been a time that I’ve spent outside in the garden or meeting friends, something which has been sorely missing in the past few years. Creativity has come in ebbs and flows, and this month I’ve accepted that’s okay – I can still meet my goals without burning out. And sometimes, other things take priority.

This month in my fantasy Writing Adivce Newsletter

This month’s edition of Writing on Caffeine I talked all about pacing – how to do it, when to do it, and why it’s important!

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An update on my fantasy novel (Akrion Cycle – Book 1)

For the first time in a long time I’ve written an update on my fantasy novel! It’s still being heavily edited, but for the first time in a few months I think I’ve got a light at the end of the tunnel. Who know nailing characterisation could be so hard?!

You write what you read

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these updates about my fantasy novel The Akrion Cycle (Book 1). The last six months have not got much to show in terms of words on a page, but there have been points of intensive creativity which have pushed the book forward. One of the things I have been struggling with quite a bit is the…

This month’s blogs and book reviews

Check out a selection of this month’s posts below! I’ve been busy reading many books so we have a book review for both The Light of all that Falls and Assassins Apprentice this month!

Starting the Realm of the Elderlings – Assassin’s Apprentice review

My introduction to the Realm of the Elderlings got off to a rocky start when I realised I started with the wrong book. Namely, the book that was the trilogy at the very end. I only realised this until I was almost a good 25% through (according to my kindle), which also meant I got…

How to use description in your fantasy novel

At some point, you’re going to have to tell your reader the image you see in your mind. You’ll need to try and capture that image, to the best you can, in your words so that when your reader reads those words, they come up with the same image. At least that is what you…

The Light of all that Falls – a satifying end to the Licanius Triology

The concluding entry to The Licanius Trilogy was as fast paced and page-turning as the previous two books, The Shadow of What was Lost and An Echo of Things to Come. If you’ve not read the previous two books, then please do read them before reading this blog, as this is not spoiler free! What…

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