You write what you read

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these updates about my fantasy novel The Akrion Cycle (Book 1). The last six months have not got much to show in terms of words on a page, but there have been points of intensive creativity which have pushed the book forward.

One of the things I have been struggling with quite a bit is the pacing. The first quarter of the story has gone through numerous iterations in order to get a better pacing (and therefore setup) for the rest of the tale. It was a conundrum which has been a real struggle until I started reading again – an namely seeing the difference in pacing between The Licanius Trilogy by James Islington and The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb.

The Licanius Trilogy is incredibly fast paced, with characters moving between places and scenes with at a breakneck speed. It works for the story, because you’re constantly reading to work out what happens next – almost like an action movie.

The Farseer Trilogy on the other hand, is something that is much slower. It’s a character focussed book, which slowly layers up tension and intrigue at a deliciously slow pace. Robin Hobb is known for her characters, and so far I’ve learnt a lot from reading the Trilogy. Its shown me that a slow introduction is not always a bad thing, and actually laying the groundwork allows for a more significant and punch payoff when the pace does increase.

My pacing is somewhere between the two. The novel isn’t going to be a first person POV character study, but neither is it going to be (at least for this first book) extremely fast paced. I’d probably say it was around the pacing of Mistborn – there is going to be an intense “waterfall” esque payoff at the end, but there is a lot of groundwork that I need to lay in the book as well.

Realising this has meant that I’ve shifted a lot of my third POV’s character into Book 2 (which will end up being “her” book), and focussing more on introducing Mae’s political and hereditary world to the reader. I need an arc that justifies her story to an Assassins Guild, but also to give her an arc that will play out over all three books.

This month I’ve found a lot of truth in you write what you read. If you’re looking for book recommendations, then check out my book reviews as well or my Goodreads!

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