An summer’s evening thoughts

This time of year is always my favourite – before the full heat and intensity of summer has hit, but still warm enough to enjoy the outside. Whilst this month has not been one for writing, it has been one for reading. It’s quite a common saying that to be a good writer, you need to be a good reader, and that’s something that I’m trying to improve this year. Plus, armed with my kindle and a two hour round commute on a train, I’m able to carve out some time for new books.

What I’m Reading

I’ve now finished The Licanius Trilogy which was excellent and definitely a set of books I’d like to get a physical copy of to put on my bookshelf with my other fantasy books. I will write a blog post for the last book (check out my ones for A Shadow of What was Lost and An Echo of things to Come) I’m now working my way through Robin Hobb’s The Realm of the Elderling, and apart from a bit of a rocky start where I started with the wrong book, which was at the end of the entire series (woops), I’m very much enjoying it.

Writing on Caffeine

This month’s edition of Writing on Caffeine is all about worldbuilding with plants! Gardening is one of my favourite non-writing activities, and I thought I would share with you some top tips on how to include plants into your fantasy story and worldbuilding!

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This Month’s Posts

My Thoughts on An Echo of Things to Come

When I started An Echo of Things to Come by James Islington, I was certain of two things. Firstly, reading a huge fantasy story that I hadn’t read before on an e-book was considerably harder because I couldn’t have easy access to the map or the glossary, and secondly I knew for certain that this book series was definitely going…

Top Tips for creating power structures in your fantasy books

Identifying how power works in your world is important because, let’s be honest, power is what drives society. Who has it, who doesn’t have it, and what those in power do with that power impact swathes of society and the people within it. It constrains some actions and allows others, creating a complex web of rules within which your characters…

Why you need to go outside

If you are active on any kind of social media, you are likely to see photos of beautiful writing setups, cosy desks, achievements of those who have written ten thousand words in a single day. Don’t get me wrong, that version of a “writing life” is quite valid, but I’m here to talk about why as a writer, you also…

You can’t re-write history

“Stop this!” Vashna screamed, pulling at the ropes around his wrists, “for the sake of yourself, Maynie, you need to stop!” Maynie looked up from the alter, hair askew and magic wild in her eyes. Blue energy surrounded her hands as she continued to move them in the ritual movements. “Stop?” Even though her word was a whisper, in the…

What I’m Watching

The newest Marvel series Moonknight was the first one that we powered through this month, which if you’re a fan of Marvel, or just want a slightly crazy (in a good way) TV show that has vibes of The Mummy, then I’d definitely recommend.

Continuing with the Marvel theme, the newest Dr Strange film is now out. It was a lot of fun (some bits I was a bit confused by – the music fight for one), but overall I have to say I did enjoy it.

Having finished Moonknight, we’re now working out way through Peaky Blinders which is a series that I never got into but is making excellent TV. Now all of my assassins are going to start speaking with a thick Brummie accent and wearing long coats once we’ve finished these six series.

What have you been up to?

Hope your own writing has been positive this month! What have you got up to?

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