Successfully Productive at everything (other than the plan)

March has been one of those months where I have been very productive in everything other than my creative pursuits. It’s a month of successful sourdough baking, garden tidies, and new TVs. I’ve even managed to get sucked back into playing video games.

It’s also a time of new ideas. Spring always brings a creative boost, I find. The sunshine is out, the birds are singing and suddenly a few bits of my ongoing novel are slowly (very slowly!) slotting into place. I’ll be doing a new novel news in April, touching on what I’ve been working on the past few months and how I hope to try and get this edit done before I reach my four year anniversary of this drafting exercise in November 2022.

Writing on Caffeine

This month I talked about writing arguments between characters.  and in particular how you describe your character. I looked at why arguments are important tool in your dialogue toolbox, when to use them in your story, and some top tips for when you’re writing an argument between your characters.

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This Month’s blogs

No One of Importance

“Who are you exactly?” Ratve’s voice broke through the silence around the campfire. He asked what they were all thinking but he was the only one brave enough to actually ask the brooding woman with a sword strapped to her hip about her background. Geika elbowed her husband, glaring at him. The last thing their…

What to consider when creating writing goals

Setting goals is an integral part of any good writing habit. You need something to both aim for and to keep a level of consistency in your habit. However, goals are only as good as you use them, so here are three top tips to use when setting writing goals. Set a goal that is…

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