What to consider when creating writing goals

Setting goals is an integral part of any good writing habit. You need something to both aim for and to keep a level of consistency in your habit. However, goals are only as good as you use them, so here are three top tips to use when setting writing goals.

Set a goal that is achievable

Whatever goal you choose to set, make sure it is achievable. This means you have to be completely honest with yourself and the other pressures on your time. It’s okay if this means your goal is not as high or as fast as others you might see in writing community circles – the point of a goal is that it helps you achieve what you want to achieve from your writing.

Pick a different goal depending what writing you’re doing

Make sure your goal aligns to what you want to achieve from your writing – whether it is that writing session, your month or even your year.

Some writing goals need word counts. Others need a checklist of scenes you want to edit. Some might require practicing a new skill or developing a particular character.

If you align your writing goals to what you want to achieve, then they will be significantly more effective.

Change your goals if you need to

Life happens, plans change. Don’t stick to a goal that is no longer achievable when life gets in the way of your writing. Goals are there to motivate you, to give you something to aim for. They’re not there to be used as a punishment if you haven’t met them because of something oust side of your control!

Do you use writing goals? If so, what do you use in your writing?

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