February Thoughts

This month has been something of a busy one. I’ve been travelling (first time in a long while!) which has taken me away from the desk and all things blogging and writing.

However, I have managed to continue working on my novel as much as I can. There are some slow patches which I am having to continually re work and tweak in order to get the section in the right place for the next arc of the story. I was being rather tough on myself, if I admit. I write on scrivener, so it is less obvious how long sections are as there isn’t a typical page count unless you do a compile. When I compiled the section in question so I could work on it offline, I realised it was a whopping 165 pages on word. Maybe that was why I felt like there was an uphill battle to climb!

This month has also been a month of trying to find a new rhythm with my blog post writing and utilise time during the day and in the morning to try and craft ideas or small snippets of blog posts that will eventually be stitched together to form my longer posts. Check out this month’s posts below!

Writing on Caffeine – February Edition

This month’s edition of Writing on Caffeine, my writing advice newsletter looked at the use of music in your fantasy writing – both as a prompt for your muse and as a tool in creating world building in your story! If you’re not subscribed, use the button below to subscribe to get access to all of my previous newsletter articles, and access to my FREE fantasy short story “The Gateway of Arieum“.

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This month’s blog posts

Have a look at my blog posts from this month!

Worldbuilding with Magic

Fantasy stories of all shapes and sizes always have some kind of magical element to them. It’s what ties together the genre across all flavours of fantasy. Magic systems are deeply integral to the story, but they should also be tied into the world of your story. Think of it like electricity – you could…

My Favourite Writing Soundtracks

For me, writing is intrinsically linked to music. What music I am listening to will dictate the outcome of a particular scene or character, and some characters even have particular albums dedicated to their Points of View! Here are my top five writing soundtracks at the moment, and why I enjoy them so much: Assassins…

What I’ve been watching

This month we’ve been getting into Vox Machina on Amazon Prime, which is a definite much watch for anyone who enjoys nerdy fantasy adventure. I’ve never watched Critical Role, but I have played DND before, and I found it a lot of fun and a very good watch.

2 thoughts on “February Thoughts

  1. I always say that it’s not the equipment that makes the writer, but I make an exception for Scrivener. Besides the cork board, the features I enjoy the most are being able to write a chapter synopsis AND notes in the same page. In Docs or Word, I put things in [brackets], but that kills the flow somewhat. Anyway, wishing you all the best for your novel!

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    1. Thank you – and likewise! I do like those functions, my favourite is the ease you can re-order scenes (and colour code them) so when your document gets longer it’s easier to see the different sections.

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