A month of organising

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This month has been a month of organising. A month where, whilst not many words actually made it onto the page, there was a lot of thinking about writing. And you know what? Sometimes thinking is all we have the time or energy for. I’ve had a lot of outside of writing pressures on me this month, which has taken my focus away from words.

Writing on Caffeine – January Edition

This month’s edition of Writing on Caffeine, my writing advice newsletter was all about how to describe characters and what else you can tell the reader as well as that description!

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This month’s blog posts

Have a look at my blog posts from this month!

What makes a Main Character?

There are lots of different ways you can define the concept of a main character. They’re the ones with the Points of View (POVs), they’re the ones with the most chapters, or they’re the ones that the story revolves around. A main character, for me, is a little bit of all of those three. Importantly,…

What I thought about Jade City

Armed with a new kindle and a resolution to read some more books, I went on a buying spree at the start of 2021 for some new fantasy novels and world that I hadn’t read before. Having joined “bookstagram” over the pandemic, I’ve been exposed to a lot more diverse authors and stories that I…

The Return of the Green Witch (Flash Fiction)

“If these are your fabled ruins,” Unlana remarked, “I’m disappointed.” Ewani ignored her captors remarks, drinking in the sight before her. The ancient stones still stood in tall columns, towering towards the sky from the depths of the basin. Once they would have held the worship platform, made from wood and iron. Now, they only…

What I’ve been watching

January has led to delving into the Netflix and Amazon catalogue that got put on hold for The Wheel of Time.

The Expanse

Series 6 of the Expanse came out just before the New Year, and it was as excellent as all the previous series. A definite recommend!

Queer Eye

As soon as the new series came on Netflix I know I needed to binge watch. A guaranteed happy-vibes TV show!

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