Why did you say that? (Flash Fiction)

“Why did you say that?”

Tanee paused, wiping the knife on his sleeve.

“What?” he whispered, “about the prophecy being bullshit? You and I both know we can’t live our lives in accordance to some crap from hundreds of years ago.”

Tanee could feel the anger in Hyaie’s eyes as they bored into the back of his skull.

“You can’t say, from everything we’ve been through, that it’s not true,” Hyaie hissed, her accent slipping out with her anger, “people have died for this prophecy, Tanee.”

“And why does that mean I have to believe it?” Tanee swivelled around, sheathing the knife into his belt, “why does that mean I have to believe my wife is going to die for this?”

Tanee could feel the thoughts that he had repressed for so long on this gods forsaken journey start to come bubbling forward.

No, quiet, he told himself, gripping the end of his jacket sleeves to stay focussed. Saying that out of anger would not get him anywhere, it would just hurt Hyaie even more than she had been over the past few months.

Hyaie reached up and touched his cheek gently. Tears glistened in her eyes, and Tanee could see the same anger comingled with the depressive sadness that had start to claw into his wife’s mind.

“I know,” she whispered, “it’s not fair.”

Tannee pulled her into a hug, trying to memorise every detail of her. They did not have long left before they would reach their goal, and then after that… all he would have was memories.

“I love you,” Tannee whispered furiously into Hyaie’s ear, “don’t you ever forget that.”

He could feel Hyaie crying into his shoulder, small sobs that she tried to hold back but could not.

“I know,” she replied, “I know.”

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

Alex.J.Cobalt is a fantasy writer from the UK. When she’s not working away at her fantasy novel series, she posts free flash fictions on her website, along with regular blogs about writing.

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