Having Stepped away for a Moment

This month I’ve stepped away from the cycle of blog posts and updates. And actually, it was pretty damn good as a month.

Sometimes, you have to recognise there is just not enough time in the day. October has been that month, coupled with the inevitable autumn cold and social gatherings starting to murmur into life again, blogging has to take a back foot. In fact, the whole of my writing had to take a back foot for a month, which was something that needed to happen. I needed to step away, find some good books, and reconnect with my creativity again.

In fact, coming back to my creative projects I’ve felt a sense of renewal that I’ve been missing for some time. Reading more books has given me such motivation to come back to my own – realising that some of the little things I was hung up on is in fact, just the function of writing a new world.

The one thing I have kept up is my monthly newsletter, which I’m very proud about and I really enjoy writing. If you’re a fantasy writer, or any kind of writer, that wants a nice easy-to-read writing advice in the style of my blog posts, then do subscribe! You get access to my fantasy short story The Gateway of Arieum when you do!

I think November is going to be much the same, as October in all honesty. I want to follow my creativity back into my novel and dive into the world again. I’ll still be doing my monthly blogs, and I’ll keep the topics I had planned for future posts, but it’s nice to just focus on what I love most – writing fantasy stories.

What I’ve been reading

I finally finished Jade War by Fonda Lee. I say finally because it’s taken me about eight months to finish this book (oh lord my younger self would be horrified). I really enjoyed the book, I think it’s going to be one of those that needs a second reading to really fully appreciate it. It’s also the first book I properly read on my Kindle (apart from Dawnshard, but I discount that as it’s a Sanderson Novella so I was always going to devour that). I am intrigued by the world, I really enjoyed the magic system, and the way the character’s were written really interested me.

I’ve also wizzed my way through Starsight by Brandon Sanderson. It’s a true Sanderson book, and I will admit I read this as bit of an “easy read” to try and encourage myself back into reading. Sure enough, it only took four commutes to capital to get through it, and I really enjoyed it.

Now I’m working my way through The Shadow of what was Lost by James Islington. So far, I’ve really enjoyed the book (especially the pacing, thank the lord for also fast-paced books), and it is one of the books that I can say I went CALLED IT at one of the reveals, and I’m only 25% of my way through. I have a sneaking suspicion this series is going to be solid, and I can’t wait to read more!

What I’ve been watching

If you’ve not watched No Time To Die, then I very much recommend it, especially if you enjoy the James Bond films. In particular, I really enjoyed Nomi’s character (yay lady 00s!) and I thought James Bond showed a lot more of his human, emotional side which I also really enjoyed. When the original song (also called “No Time to Die”) came out I wasn’t a huge fan, and even during the starting credits I wasn’t much of a fan. But I’ve since listened the score and the song makes so much more sense at the end of the score rather than at the start. Now I can’t get enough of it (or the Zimmer strings).

And now, onwards

How has your month been? What are you focussing on achieving in November (anyone doing Nanowrimo? I think I might give it a miss this year, but let me know if you’re participating!)

Featured Image Credit: Laura Chouette on Unsplash

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