A Bit Too Tired

This month can be summarised with one phrase: I am so f**cking tired.

I intended to use September as an achievement month. A time to set myself a ridiculous 30k word goal and go smash out those words to get my novel to the next stage. A time to bake some more bread, finish the garden, all the while managing to navigate an ever more bonkers day-job workload.

And in a surprise to absolutely no one, it didn’t happen.

Well, the bonkers day-job workload did happen. And the occasional bread was baked, and I did manage to write some words on my novel, but none on my blog.

If you’ve wondered why this month was a quiet month, well it was because of that. In what little time I did have to write, I chose to focus on my novel rather than my blog in an attempt to break through some really tricky plot points. I have made progress, but it is at the expense of keep up with my monthly blogging schedule.

I do have to remind myself sometimes that at the moment, that sometimes the balance does not tip in the favour of my creative projects. Sometimes it’s good to not overdo it.

But damn, that is a hard truth to tell yourself.

My posts this month

Missed any of my posts from this month? Check them all out below!

Tiola’s Bay (From the Archives)

  “Docked, Captain!” Captain Elaya Truthwatch tipped the edge of her hat at her First Mate, Rodgers, to acknowledge the information. “We’re here for five days, Crew!” she yelled over the ship. Her voice carried easily in the still breeze, “be respectful, but more importantly, drink them dry!” The Crew cheered. Those on the first … More Tiola’s Bay (From the Archives)

Decay (From the Archives)

  Nadine watched as the world crumbled at his feet. The magic tore through the town, turning the buildings and people alike into dust. He lowered his hand. “It is done,” he said, pulling his gloves over his decaying hands. It was the first sign, the skin rot, before the madness took hold. He walked … More Decay (From the Archives)

Get Up (From the Archives)

  “Get up,” Unle said, resting her cutlass under her son’s chin. She could feel the eyes of the crew, watching her every move. Hulan looked up at her with hate and defiance in his eyes. Even from here, she could see the tell tale sign of the star sickness, the bruising down the neck … More Get Up (From the Archives)

Discovery (From the Archives)

  “What is it?” Bethany said, as Trev pulled the box out of the ground. Even under the protective shade of their tent, the heat was still oppressive. “I think,” Trev said, breathing heavily as he heaved the box onto the top of the trench, “we’ve struck gold.” Bethany grinned. It was this. What they … More Discovery (From the Archives)


“Can you stop flicking that bloody coin,” Regan said, “it’s annoying.” Chasey flicked the coin up high again, catching it as it fell back towards her hand. “No,” she replied, “it helps me think.” Regan huffed, shuffling on the hard seat of the cell to try and get comfortable. They were lucky they hadn’t been … More Reunited

September Wrap Up

September has come and gone in the blink of an eye. For me, September has been a month of trying to get back into doing normal things, following August throwing me off my pattern. Exercise, self-care and writing have all slowly come back into my day to day routine. It’s still very much a work … More September Wrap Up

Writing on Caffeine

The one thing I have been trying to stay on top of is my monthly writing advice newsletter Writing on Caffeine. This month was all about Sub-Plots, and in writing it I actually realised just how much I’ve learnt from repeatedly head-desking over the past year of writing my novel.

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What I’ve been watching this month

Vigil is a new BBC thriller from the same people who produce Line of Duty. I’m not 100% convinced, but it is a lot of fun to watch in the evening!

What If TV show had delightfully surprised me. I did not think it would be as fun as it is, and it’s a nice easy 25 minute watch with dinner!

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was also very excellent – not only because it was my first time in a cinema since 2019 (!!) but also because there were exactly 100% more dragons than I expected and I am here for it.

Featured Image Credit: Samatha Gades on Unsplash

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