A time of Doing Things

Whenever I look at the month of July on my writing wordcount spreadsheet, it is always a lower number, without fail, every year.

Summertime, even with the hangover of the pandemic still thundering across the collective world’s mind, is a time of being outside. It’s a time of doing things, even if the things you’re doing is making another batch of iced buns because now is the best kind of proving weather. Or out in the garden visiting the newest flowers and watching the bees flitter here and there.

Writing this month has taken somewhat of a backseat, both with my ongoing novel and my blogging. It’s been a busy month with guest posts on others blogs, as well as a time to find new TV to watch on Netflix.

Next month, I’m expecting much of the same. But that’s okay. Sometimes its okay to pace yourself. Your novel or whatever creative endeavour you’re pursuing will be there waiting for you when you get back.

This month’s posts.

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Top 3 tips for writing Multiple POVs

As a fantasy reader and writer, I’m most comfortable in the world of 3rd person POV. However, if you’re writing a fantasy epic, how do you manage multiple POVs in your novel? Here are my top three tips: 1) be picky with your POVs2) write a unique character voice for each POV3) use your POVs … More Top 3 tips for writing Multiple POVs

Monday Inspiration - A cup of tea that is orange in the morning sunlight

What will be, will be (Monday Inspiration)

Start showing yourself It’ll be what it will be, your story. Whatever you create, even if it’s different from what you planned. Let your creativity take it’s course, and see what you can make. Featured Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

Cream (From the Archives)

Ineg brushed her fingers across the top of the cream pot. The thick blue substance stuck to her fingers. She held it up in front of the mirror, holding back her hair with her other hand as she carefully dabbed the cream onto the top of her forehead. The makeup was a practised art by … More Cream (From the Archives)

Monday Inspiration - A cup of tea that is orange in the morning sunlight

Anything is Possible (Monday Inspiration)

Don’t limit yourself. Don’t limit your dreams. The world is big, your drive is unbeatable, and your dreams are special. Stop telling yourself that you can’t do everything. Start showing yourself that you can. First Posted in March 2020

How To: Writing Sub-Plots

Sub-Plots are a key part of any story, especially a fantasy one. You have to keep a careful eye on how many you have and what purpose they are serving in order to keep a handle on your story.   This month in my newsletter Writing on Caffeine, I’ll be looking at why Sub-Plots are … More How To: Writing Sub-Plots

The Lost Mage

“So, you used to be famous?” Marle could hear the excitement in her Granddaughter voice. Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt as much as she expected it to. It had hurt when her son had found out, aged fifteen, but then he had known enough about the world to know how different his life could have been … More The Lost Mage

August Thoughts

August has been a lot like July in terms of creativity. A month to be outside, doing things rather than sitting at a desk writing. One thing I’ve been trying to tackle is the middle plot for my ongoing WIP. You can read more on my update here. Outside of writing, I’ve been fiddling with … More August Thoughts

Monday Inspiration - A cup of tea that is orange in the morning sunlight

You will have Readers (Monday Inspiration)

It doesn’t matter whether you have one reader, ten readers or hundreds of thousands of readers. Someone will want to read your story. So keep writing it.

The Appointment (From the Archives)

“So,” the Manager said, “I believe we have an appointment.” Chela smiled, thinly at the Manager. No one knew her name, her real name. It was just The Manager, who had been running the establishment for the last forty years. And still, she did not look at day older than when she had arrived, sixty … More The Appointment (From the Archives)

Monday Inspiration - A cup of tea that is orange in the morning sunlight

Write for You (Monday Inspiration)

Write, first and foremost, for you. Your story is your own. It is told firstly for yourself. It is your time you spend on this, your emotion you pour into it. You wrap it up in the finest threads of your soul, this story, and give it to the world. So write for you, before … More Write for You (Monday Inspiration)

Stuck in the Middle

I’ve got pages and page and pages of notes trying to work out the sequence in the middle of the story. It’s the bridging piece between the beginning setup and the key middle sequence and by gods does nothing I write work. (This is also a lesson in not trying to have too many POVs, … More Stuck in the Middle

Writing on Caffeine

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What I’m listening to

This month has been back to the Batman Soundtracks. I love the heavy beats throughout these scores, perfect for writing some action scenes!

What I’ve been watching

The Chef Show

As someone who is getting more and more into All Things Food, I’ve spent a lot of time binging this show on Netflix. Really friendly format, and I’ve learnt some useful tricks too!


I knew this film was good, but oh boy, watching it for the first time on an otherwise quite dire-looking Thursday evening home alone was just the antidote I needed.

What I’ve been reading

I’m still working my way through Jade City by Fonda Lee. It’s different to what I’d usually read from the fantasy genre (I’m used to a few specific POVs that you follow throughout the novel), but I’ve really enjoyed the writing and way the story is structured!

Alex.J.Cobalt is a fantasy writer from the UK. When she’s not working away at her fantasy novel series, she posts free flash fictions on her website, along with regular blogs about writing.

Photo Credit: Ben White on Unsplash

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