How To: A Character’s Voice

Having a distinctive character voice for each character can help your reader understand their secret inner words. Not just through dialect, but the type of words they use and who they use those words too.

Consider how you would talk to your partner, your sibling, or someone at work. You might have different jokes that would be okay to tell your husband, but not your work colleague. With your work colleagues you might be more formal, use longer words (depending on your job), but with your siblings you might have more “Banter”.

A character’s “voice” is their way of interacting with your world. It is a key tool in the writer’s arsenal to help with exposition, and can really help sell a character’s POV for a reader.

This month in my newsletter Writing on Caffeine, I’m looking at how you can write a good “character voice”, and some top tips on how to craft your own unique character voices!

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Featured Image by Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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