Summer Thoughts

Another month has come and gone, and now we’re hurtling straight into the summer months. This last month has been much like the last, although this month I’ve been generating more blogs than I have previously. It’s been fun, I enjoy writing opinion pieces and novel updates, especially as I can still write them over the course of the week, no matter how busy my day gets.

Writing on Caffeine

My newsletter, Writing on Caffeine, now goes into it’s fifth month! I’m really please how this has turned out, and how it’s continuing to develop over each month. I’m finding that not only am I learning more about my own abilities, but I’m stretching myself to consider new ways of writing, worldbuilding, or writing characters.

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This month’s posts

As I mentioned at the start, I’ve written almost double the number of posts that I had for previous months. It’s been a great trial in blogging more regularly, and discussing topics that are outside of my comfort zone.

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Outpost-347 (From the Archives)

The Spring storms hammered the side of the house. Gwen could hear them repeatedly slamming into the habi-house’s side, making the whole construction shake as it did so. The newbies to Outpost-347 were cowering in their bunks. Some were crying, Gwen could hear them. A few had even clustered around the escape pods, desperate to … More Outpost-347 (From the Archives)

Why writing is a good hobby

Get a hobby, people say. Normally roughly around the time when you’ve sighed about work and not having much to do at the weekend. But then, finding a hobby is easier said than done. Especially when you’re in the middle of a slump and staring down the barrels of existence wondering how on earth life … More Why writing is a good hobby

Why I Write

To say I cannot write would be an understatement. To say I was a perfectionist would be a truth. To say I was a dreamer would be realistic. There are words locked within my mind, this I know. It’s the same feeling when you know that someone is standing behind you, but just out of sight. They … More Why I Write

Monday Inspiration - A cup of tea that is orange in the morning sunlight

See what you can do (Monday Inspiration)

It might feel like you have an impossible mountain to climb this week, and that’s okay. Show up. See what you can do. You might surprise yourself in the process.

Writing Lessons from Soughdough

My other lockdown hobby, aside from trawling through Netflix and trying to make my chilli plants grow, is baking sourdough. As someone whose never really baked consistently before (apart from the odd cake), I hopped onto the good old baking bandwagon back in April last year like many other Brits. In doing so, I had … More Writing Lessons from Soughdough

Monday Inspiration - A cup of tea that is orange in the morning sunlight

Make It So (Monday Inspiration)

Create the future you want to believe in. Make it possible. Trying to follow a dream is more than just creating the thought. It’s digging deeper in yourself and finding a way to make it possible. Even if you know there will be pitfalls, even if you know it will be hard. You can create … More Make It So (Monday Inspiration)

Writer holding a pen over a notebook

How To: Exposition and Description

This month we’re on writing craft, and specifically exposition and description. Exposition and description is one of my favourite parts of writing, its my chance to reel in the reader into my world, show them the world of my characters and drop clues to the plot twists along the way. Exposition in the writing sense … More How To: Exposition and Description

Fear (From the Archives)

The feeling was not of anger or of hatred. It was the bone sinking, gut wrenching quiet whisper of doubt.  It was the thoughts Felicity didn’t even know where there until Gerrard had pointed them out. Her snappiness. Her temper.  She was scared, scared for them all, but she’d never admit it.  She’d never admit … More Fear (From the Archives)

Where else you can find me

I’ve now got a Tumblr where you can find lots of #akrionaesthetic posts about my novel world.

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Alex.J.Cobalt is a fantasy writer from the UK. When she’s not working away at her fantasy novel series, she posts free flash fictions on her website, along with regular blogs about writing.

Photo by Lauren Mancke on Unsplash

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