How To: Power and Politics

Identifying how power works in your world is important because, let’s be honest, power is what drives society. Who has it, who doesn’t have it, and what those in power do with that power impact swathes of society and the people within it. It constrains some actions and allows others, creating a complex web of rules within which your characters exist. If your character is an assassin, for example, are their actions allowed by the law of the land? If not, then how do they balance their livelihood against the fact they are a criminal? Does this drive them down a different path to achieve their goal?

In this month’s edition of my writing advice newsletter, Writing on Caffeine, I dive into how you go about worldbuilding your systems of government and power by looking at:

  • What is a constitution?
  • Whether to have a monarchy system or not?
  • How to write good plots around politics
  • Tips on how to create power structures in your own novels

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Featured Image by Ava Sol on Unsplash

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