How To: Choosing Main Characters

I’ve previously written about choosing a POV for your story, and how many POVs you want to use in your story. This month, as my first topic for my new newsletter, I’m picking a key topic for any writing project: who is my main character?

You can have more than 1 main character, and I would argue that your POV choices don’t have to be the same as your main characters – your “main characters” list could be far longer than your POV choices.

You might not know where your story is going (I certainly don’t when I start!) but having an idea of who is on your list of characters, who are the select few you want to build out your backstories for, and who you can use to flesh out your wider world certainly helps.

There are three questions I normally ask myself about main characters:

  1. Who is going to be a POV character?
  2. Do I really need this character to tell my story?
  3. Why do I want this character to be a Main Character?

In this month’s newsletter, I talk about how to pick your Main Characters, a few of the criteria I use, as well as a writing prompt and monthly writing tips!

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