Starfield (From the Archives)

“Let’s go,” Necah said as he jumped over the boxes of strewn food and into his seat. Around them, the Guards swarmed, loading up their laser guns to try and cripple the Andreni to the ground.

“Get the sheilds up!,” Bethli yelled as the first wave of fire hit the ship. Necah could feel the Andreni rock under the force of the blast.

“Trying,” he said through gritted teeth. Firing up the full outer shield inside would require the engines to be fully revved, which given that they had only just been turned on, was not happening soon.

“Just throw up the interior ones,” Bethli yelled. The next round hit the ship, making Necah grab the side of his seat.

“I’m trying,” he said, flicking on the booster switches. The engines strained as he forced more power through them, but he could slowly see the telltale ripple of purple light crossing the cockpit window.

“Let’s go,” Necah said, as Bethli kicked on the accelerator to turn the ship around. The Andreni shuddered as it collided with the other ships in the compound, shouts came from outside as the guards moved out of the thrusters way lest they get caught in the engine exhaust flames.

“You know, next time we leave port,” Bethli said as she strapped herself into the Captain’s seat, “we’re not having a bet with the local Aengtr, k?”

Necah laughed.

“Oh come on,” he said, “we won so much equipment in that bet-”

All their equipment,” Bethli said, lining up the ship to the exit. In front of them, guards began to line up in front of the launchpad.

“Yeh and all of the people who now lost their equipment are going to be looking for a giant blue ship,” Necah said, flicking on the secondary sheild layers. There was no point using weapons in this small space. The cargage wouldn’t be justified.

“Let’s hit the skys,” Bethli said, pushing the two driving throttles forward. The Andreni rumbled as the engines started to hit maximum capacity.

“Brace for this,” Bethli said.

The ship rocketed forward, skimming the top of the heads of the guards by inches, and launched into the sky.

First Published in 2019

Featured Image by Alice Hampson on Unsplash

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