On the Hunt (From the Archives)

“Why do we have to listen to this again?” Ake grumbled.

“Because I’m the driver,” Sarah replied, slapping Ake’s hand away from the radio. The engine of the car roared loudly as she accelerated down the empty road.It was a long drive, this hunt was going to be particularly nasty considering there were numerous demon signs all over the town. The winding roads of Britain weren’t exactly the place to drive fast, but Sarah’s reactions were faster than most.

“Where did you learn to drive?” Ake asked, poking his nose in the glove pocket of the car, “I hardly think they gave driving lessons in the big white clouds.”

“It was a skill I achieved after being kicked out of the big white clouds,” Sarah remarked, swinging the car around the corner with easer and pulling away sharply down the road. She enjoyed this hunt, at least up in the Lake District there were some decent driving roads that weren’t crawling with police cars ready to give her even more points on her licence.

Well, one of her licences.

“See this is what I don’t get,” Ake started.

“You don’t get much, Ake,” Sarah interrupted.

“I managed to convince you to partner up with me,” Ake said, his typical mischievous grin appearing on his face. His Stetson was balanced carefully in his lap, after all he never when anywhere without the damn thing.

Sarah still didn’t get why Ake insisted on wearing the stupid hat. The last time she had asked about it, three months ago when they had started working together on hunts, he had sat her down and made her watch all four Indiana Jones films in succession.

After that, Sarah was content with not knowing about why Ake insisted on the hat. Anything to not watch poor attempts of humans trying to stumble about finding the Ark of Covenant.

She had seen the Ark of the Covenant. It wasn’t that impressive, not bigger than a small box which she could lift with one hand.

“So give me the details again,” Sarah said, as she powered down the straight road. They were getting close, and she wanted to know what they were dealing with. Ake might wear stupid hats, but his knowledge about all things supernatural, especially about murdering the bastards, was expansive.

“Two demons,” Ake replied, shutting his eyes and repeating the information from memory, “I’m guessing they’re just doing some general possession stuff, nothing too hard core. Only one death so far, the old grandma with the kitchen knife – everything looked too clean to be anything but demons if I was honest. Not working with any faction, and the only other time there has been demon activity in the area was 200 years ago, when the same pattern happened then.”

“Sounds grand,” Sarah said, pulling off the main road and down one of the beaten gravel tracks. The ‘grandma’ in question had lived an opulent lifestyle in one of the old castles. At first she had considered it was ghosts, but the fact that the castle had been known to be warded against all spirits was a clear sign that someone didn’t want Casper the friendly ghost wandering about.

“Got the badges?” Ake asked.

“In the glovepocket,” Sarah replied.

“You want to be DI Vera?”

“Eugh, not again,” Sarah said, pulling into the grand driveway. The old castle loomed in front of them, grey brick walls covered in layers upon layers of vines that made it look like the structure was one with the earth it was built upon. Sarah slowed the car to a stop, peering up at the structure with trepidation.

“This look ominous,” she muttered.

“Has to be the right place then,” Ake replied, putting his hat onto his head and handing Sarah her fake ID, “let’s go catch some demons.”

“You sound far too happy,” Sarah remarked, turning off the car’s engine and putting her ID in her pocket. Ake had given her the DI Vera one, she could tell from the earmarking on the corner of the leather cover.

“All in a day’s work,” Ake replied, “now let’s go kill some demons, we might even be home for tea.”

First Posted in 2015 || Image Credit: Photo by Alice Hampson on Unsplash

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