Lessons from Flowers (Teacup Story)

Flowers can teach us a lot.

They can teach us about what it takes to grow. That you have to be fed with the basics of human needs before you can truly flourish. That everyone grows at their own rate, and that other people’s journey cannot be compared to your own.

They teach us that no two people are the same, like no two flowers at the same. Each one is unique and beautiful in it’s own way. Some are large, some are small, different shapes and colours, and each one is beautiful.

They teach us that weeds do not help us. That thoughts, bad thoughts or bad words, do not have a place on our journey of growth. That they need to be weeded out, removed, to allow us to bloom to our full potential.

But the most important thing they teach us is that life is not a sprint, or even a marathon. It is a journey, unique to each of us, at our own pace.

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