A New Leaf (August Blog)

And just like that, the end of August arrives.

Despite having been out of the September/September school year for quite a few years now, there is still a sense of renewal at the end of August. September still holds that refreshing newsness even if it no longer holds the excited nerves of starting a new school year.

August has been a busy month for everything but writing. We’ve been suffering with the loss of one of our dear kitties last month, and throwing ourselves into the ongoing DIY projects at home. Between that, my writer’s block for Assassins 1, and my rather hectic work schedule, writing has taken somewhat of a back foot this month.


One of the things I have been finding the time for is my flashfiction challenge #storiesonatheme. I’ve been posting stories daily since July, and the last one was posted yesterday (!). You can find all the stories here, and below is a collection of the themes for this year’s stories!

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What else has Alex been up to?

Not much! Lockdown might have been lifted but lockdown life continues. However, I have been enjoying some new music courtesy of Taylor Swift, and have (finally!) finished Dark.

I’ve really enjoyed Taylor Swift’s new folkore album. I’ve always been a lover of indie music, especially for quiet writing moments when you want something to evoke emotion within characters. My particular favourites are illicit affirs and mad woman.

That’s it!

A short blog this month, but I am hoping Autumn shall bring some more writing progress and further growth of my writing craft and more stories for you to read!

Don’t forget to come and say hi below in the comments, or on Instagram (where I mostly live on social media) or Twitter (which I check every so often).

Featured Image Credit: Julian Hochgesan on Unsplash

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