Fighting (Stories on a Theme – “Hope”)

You can smell it in the air when you wake. The vicious smell of hopelessness and hatred.

You can feel it on your lungs. It aches like a weight, pushing down on every breath, forcing you to struggle. It’s like it wants you to feel the rush of air into your lungs, it wants you to fight for it.

But you don’t want to fight today. You can barely get out of bed, let alone do anything else. You just lie there, your brain clawing at your skull, thoughts like daggers slicing at your soul, until you want to just sleep and never wake up.

It calls to you, that dreamless sleep. It is addictive to think about, after all, if you’ve been to that place before, you always know it is there. Just waiting for the bad day to get to a worse day. Giving you another option out of this struggle.

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