Sourvenir (Stories on a Theme – “Travel”)

“What do you think?” Francesca said, holding up a tiny little elephant. It screamed “Tourist souvenir”, which her mother would hate, but Francesca didn’t care. It was small enough to fit in her luggage home.

“An elephant?” Rachel replied, “but we didn’t see elephants?”

“Yeh, but it’s cute,” Francesca replied.

“You said that about the teddy at the airport in Singapore,” Rachel said.

Francesca rolled her eyes.

“You know my feelings on teddies,” she replied.

Rachel smiled, poking Francesca in the stomach.

“Strong, always purchasing,” she grinned, “come on, let’s get the elephant. He can sit next to the rabbit from the States-”

He?” Francesca pretended to be insulted, “you know this elephant is a she, and her name is…”

She paused, holding the little souvenir up in front of Rachel.


Rachel grinned.

“Fine, let’s get Martha the elephant,” she said, “then lunch. I’m starving.”

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