Food (Stories on a Theme – “Travel”)

“This is so good,” Tanja moaned as she shovelled her lunch into her mouth. Food was one way to experience a new place, and the noodle dishes here in KL were to die for.

“You know you can eat slower,” Emma remarked next to her, struggling with her chopsticks.

“You only say that because you can’t eat as fast,” Imogen giggled. Her eyes watered as she ate her curry, her tongue not used to the amount of heat from the food.

“You sure you don’t need some water for that?” Emma said, holding over her bottle.

Tanja rolled her eyes as Imogen shook her head and stubbornly continued to eat.

“You know, we should just have two lunches,” Tanja said, finishing her meal, “get the full experience-”

“You said that on our trip to Greece,” Emma said, “you were eaten out by day three. You need to pace.

Tanja rolled her eyes.

“I could say the same for your wine consumption,” she remarked.

Emma poked her in the stomach. Tanja groaned.

Maybe not too lunches then, Tanja thought. Even her years of being the “foodie” of the group could not train her to eat another portion of food, no matter how tasty and delicious it was.

“See,” Imogen coughed, “two lunch rule is banned.”

“Just have some water,” Emma said, “let me focus on my chopsticks-”

“I can always eat it for you,” Tanja teased.

Emma guarded her food dramatically.

“Never,” she replied with a smile.

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