Plane (Stories on a Theme – “Travel”)

“Please prepare for take-off.”

The Captain’s voice echoed through the plane. Yasmine squirmed in her seat, barely able to keep in her excitement. Despite the mark, despite the gloves, the stress of it all.

Finally, she could travel again.

She glanced at her husband. Mark was already asleep, eyes shut, head tilted back in the seat. She could see his mask moving slowly as he breathed in and out.

The plane slowly rumbled out onto the main runway. Yasmine stared out of the window, excitement building in her chest. If anyone had to rank what was important in her life, being able to travel was one of the highest. She didn’t want the expensive hotels or the party life. She wanted to explore every inch of the world and build memories that would last a lifetime.

The plane slowly turned out onto the main runway. Yasmine grinned as she felt the engines rumble into life. The G forces pushed her back into the seat as the plane accelerated forward, the engines roaring into life-

And then they were off, in the air.

Off on another adventure.

  • Sundown Sky
    “Reminds you of home, doesn’t it?” Canath remarked, kicking their legs under them. In front of them, the great City of Naithe burned into smolders, leaving trailing smoke floating high into the sky. The final home of … More Sundown Sky
  • Slow Down
    “Can we please slow down a bit? I need a rest.” “I need to rest,” Davi said, sitting heavily on the dirt track, “please.” “We don’t have time, Davi,” Tabatha grabbed him by the arm and hauled … More Slow Down
  • This is not a plan
    “You said you had a plan for this?! Flying into the port with no approvals is not a plan.” Taelew looked over at his co-pilot. Yivonn was not one for breaking the rules, which is why he … More This is not a plan
  • Arrival at Maalek
    “Here we are,” their guide announced, “the legendary city of Maalek,” Serene rolled her eyes. The sprawling ruins in front of her did not look anything like the ballads that Kieraj had been singing about for the … More Arrival at Maalek
  • Reclaiming Ara’banthe
    Fathie pulled her headphones over her ears. The noise of the city, the thrum of the cars and the rhythmic thudding of footfalls were drowned out in an instant. Breathe, she told herself. Everything would be okay, … More Reclaiming Ara’banthe
  • Daylight (100 Words)
    Minria peered out of the crack in the door. She could see the daylight streaming through the gap, illuminating the dust motes of their hide out. Three months Below had been tough. She’d dreamt of this day … More Daylight (100 Words)

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