Inkling (Stories on a Theme – “Soft”)

It wasn’t a loud feeling that skittered over Yulia’s skin. It was a soft, gentle one that gave her a hint that talking to Marielle would be a good idea.

Maybe some would call it fate, but Yulia didn’t ascribe anything to fate. Everything in this metal casket was hard fought for, all the way from the ships rats at the bottom of the engines all the way to the lofty heights of the top deck.

“Hey,” Yulia said, standing next to Marielle in the line for the coffee machine. It was broken, again. Another hallmark of the rustbucket the called a ship. Nothing worked, and the stuff that did barely did so. Yulia was half amazed they didn’t just disintegrate into space at any given moment.

All the more reason to speak to Marielle. To try.

“Hey, Yulia isn’t it, from Z deck?” Marielle said. She smiled, and Yulia’s heart skipped a little beat.

“Yeh,” Yulia blushed, just slightly. She could feel the gentle soft feeling become louder. An inkling that she should talk to Marielle more.

“Thought I’d seen you before,” Marielle said, “you off there now?”

Yulia nodded, grabbing her own cup and putting it under the coffee machine.

“Want to walk together?” Yulia asked.

Marielle nodded.

“I’d love that,” she replied.

Stories on a Theme is a writing challenge to write flashfictions set on a particular Weekly Theme. It’s running from 6th July to 30th August – Check out my IG for more info on how to join in!

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