Whisper (Stories on a Theme – “Soft”)

Sometimes I think I can hear you in whispers. In the wind through the trees or the rustle of grass. In the crumple of paper or the bell on a bike.

In that moment I forget you’re not here. In that moment I think hey you’re home and I look up and see-


And then the next moment I realise again. I remember. I cry.

I know the whispers will never go away. Those moments I forget will never stop happening. I know the hole will never really go away.

I like to think you send those whispers from wherever you are now. That you want me to know you’re okay up there. That you’re not alone. That you’re at peace and having wonderful adventures.

Stories on a Theme is a writing challenge to write flashfictions set on a particular Weekly Theme. It’s running from 6th July to 30th August – Check out my IG for more info on how to join in!

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