Gentle (Stories on a Theme – “Soft”)

The sea is gentle today, a calm surf gently lapping the shore of the stony beach under your feet. You can feel the air hint at the warmth of the air that will come with the rising sun. You are the only person on this stony beach, whilst the sun has risen but the people have not, not just yet.

It’s quiet this morning. You like the quiet, it’s the only time of the day you can find semblance of peace from the turmoil within your life and mind.

You sit. The stones poke at your legs as you stretch them out in front of you. Uncomfortable, but not enough to move. Enough to remember that you are alive, and that life is sometimes uncomfortable.

The view before you is endless sea, stretching out onto the horizon. A few waves crest far out in the channel where the tide is going out. A few of the early morning fishing boats come back up the channel towards the dock, pushing furiously against the tide.

You take a few deep breaths, allowing time to become nothing more than the breeze around you.

Your phone rings. It snaps through the silence like a whip. You recoil, digging your phone out of your pocket, looking at the caller.

Dave Trant the caller ID said.

Your husband.

Your ex-husband now.

You sigh. Your quiet has been interrupted by the real world. The real world with its turmoil and its confusion and its pain.

You look up at the sea one last time, watching the gentle waves caress the shore.

Then you get up and walk back to your car. Back towards your life.

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