Create my Own (Stories on a Theme – “Family”)

“Oi don’t eat all the dip,” Rachel yelled across the room. She vaulted the sofa, grabbing the last of the dip from Trae’s hand and proceeded to spoon it directly into her mouth.

“Children, please,” Unash sighed from the corner of the sofa. She was the eldest of them all by 6 months, but her position within the group was mother hen. She made sure they didn’t go outside without their medipacks, she was the one who planned their assaults for their cell zone.

Rachel stuck her tongue out at Trae. Trae sighed and helped himself to another handful of crisps.

Mayra rolled her eyes from the door. They were still missing Ynal and Orlathel whilst they were out on their scouting mission. Only when they got back could film night begin – tonight was classics night with films from Planet Earth.

Their little cell was not the largest on the planet. Most didn’t want to share a house with an Enlightened, let alone two. Trae’s ability to read people’s thoughts put most right off, and Mayra’s skills with fortune telling was the final nail in the coffin. No one liked predictions, especially when those predictions foretold a huge battle in two years time.

“Hey Mayra,” Unash said, “can you predict when these two will shut up?”

“Probably about,” Mayra replied, looking into the kitchen to see the timer for dinner, “thirty minutes?”

Trae snorted. Rachel continued to eat the rest of the dip. Unash sighed on the sofa, picking up her book.

Mayra smiled.

“Hey Mayra,” Rachel said, “grab the other pot of dip will ya?”

Mayra rolled her eyes. It wasn’t much of a cell, but it was hers. After years of being alone out in the wilds, to have a family who cared and protected was more than she could have ever dreamed off. Even if Rachel was sometimes ate all the dip.

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