Love (Stories on a Theme – “Family”)

It’s not just yelling “I love you” across the room.

(Although, it does help).

It’s a love that flows like the air flows through the sky. It twists around your home, filling every crevasse with its gentle touch. You can feel it when you pause and breathe in deeply. It tastes of cakes and ice cream, sweet and gentle, filling up your soul with joy.

It’s an ideal you strive towards. It’s the light you look up to when you have your darkest of days that you use as your beacon to crawl out of the hole again. It’s the choice to show up and try again, every day, for yourself and for every member of your little family.

It’s the gentle kindness you adopt when every fibre of your being wants to give in to the roar of anger. It’s trying even in the hardest of times.

It’s showing up and trying to be better, do better, and live better. For you, and your family.

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