Change is Good (Monday Inspiration)

Not just in your story, but in life. Change brings you new opportunities, new challenges, new places to explore and experience.

Change can be scary. Change is good because it is scary.

It’ll be alright.

You’ll be alright.

Maybe, it’ll be brilliant.

#Mondayinspiration is a chance for me to share my own motivational post it notes with the writing world at large. In the hope, maybe that someone else finds it as helpful as I do!

  • Wordcounts aren’t everything
    Wordcounts are a stable of any writer’s life. They’re an excellent way to measure progress through a draft, and a good way of working out how your pacing is working through a story. But they’re not everything, and here are my three reasons why: You can pick other goals I’ve spoken before about writing goals, … More Wordcounts aren’t everything
  • Choosing the Right Words
    ‘Sticks and stones my break my bones, but words will never hurt me’. It’s an old adage, one which is rattled out again and again to try and say how words are only mere words and therefore are 100% less efficient at ruining someone’s good day than throwing a few stones at them. However, here … More Choosing the Right Words
  • Where to find Inspiration
    Where can you find inspiration? Well, I’ve got some top tips on how you can find inspiration when you can’t find any – you can check out my gues block on Inspired Lines Editing right here! Photo Credit: Shelby Miller on Unsplash

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