The Jewel of Hanerath (Stories on a Theme – “Isolate”)

“HOLD IT!” Cathen yelled.

I’m trying gods damn you, Thyren thought. He forced himself to hold onto the spell book, despite the heat radiating off it.

The magic poured off the pages, funnelled into the glass tube by the complex array of shielding spells. Fire magic normally glowed red, but this magic was almost white, like the white heat of a forge fire.

“Hurry up!” Ganentran yelled next to Thyren. She scowled at the air spell book at her feet, concentrating deeply. Air magic was the most difficult of each of the elemental magics, hard to maintain a consistent flow of power.

“I’m trying!” Cathen shouted. She had the water magic spell book, the final part of the spell. Her hands were stained with the ink from the book that flowed up from the pages, swooping down the glass tube to the mixing bowl.

In the centre, the magics swirled around the mixing bowl, combining with one another to create a pulsing mass of power.

“Inagen,” Cathen yelled, “the stone!”

Inagen stepped forward, holding out the necklace at arms length. The Jewel of Hanerath hung over the bowl, rotating with the same speed as the swirling mass of magic below.

“Ready?” Inagen said.

“YES!” Tyren yelled. His hands hurt, he could feel his hands start to burn gently as the magic began to leak out from the spell book-

“GET ON WITH IT!” Ganentran yelled furiously.

Inagen dropped the Jewel into the bowl.

The reaction was instantaneous. The magic in the bowl shot upwards towards the Jewel, and then opened outwards like the petals of a flower.

For a moment the Jewel hung, hovering in the air. The magic between to splinter off, creating a lattice cage around the jewel-

“Stop!” Cathen yelled.

Tyren pulled his hands away from the spell book, breathing heavily. Ganentran groaned, sounding exhausted.

“Did it work?” she asked.

An audible crack split the silence. Tyren smiled.

It worked, he thought.

Inagen reached out with a gloved hand, gently tapping the magic lattice. It fell away, disintegrating into dust and ash. The Jewel fell from the air, no longer supported by the magic, clattering into the mixing bowl.

“We did it,” Inagen whispered, picking up the Jewel from the bowl. Instead of the original deep red, the Jewel was now smaller, and a clear blue colour.

The original source of power on this world. Hidden underneath years and years of magic oxidation from being stored in a museum.

The original Jewel had been priceless, but this pure version of it? This was more than money, it was power. A way to barter their passage off this gods-forsaken planet.

“We did it,” Cathen grinned at each of them in turn, “we’ll be able to go home.”

Stories on a Theme is a writing challenge to write flashfictions set on a particular Weekly Theme. It’s running from 6th July to 30th August – Check out my IG for more info on how to join in!

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