Illusion (Stories on a Theme – “Magic”)

You see what I want you to see.

You see the façade that I create every morning with my hair and my makeup and my clothes. You see the person that you want to see, not the one who I am.

Because it’s safe, behind the illusion. It is the illusion that is judged, not you. It is the illusion that has hateful things flung at it, not you.

But the illusion is not really you. It’s not your true self, your true image.

One day, you hope you can drop the illusion. One day, you can be your true authentic self in front of others.

One day.

Stories on a Theme is a writing challenge to write flashfictions set on a particular Weekly Theme. It’s running from 6th July to 30th August – Check out my IG for more info on how to join in!

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