Green Magic (Stories on a Theme – “Magic”)

Magic had colours to it, everyone knew that. If it existed in the spectrum of light, there was a magic for it.

Blue magic, for example, was the healing magics. The magic of the ocean and the sky that breathed new life into the world. On the other hand, red magic was of emotion and the heart. It was the magic of the deep soul, the magic that helped build the worlds tallest structures.

Green magic was considered the weakest of all the magics. It was the magic of new growth and gentle journeys. It was the magic that took what was already in the world and gave it a little umph of encouragement.

Charleni was born with green magic in her veins. As a child, before she had entered the world of the Mages, she’d always thought green magic was the most powerful. It allowed flowers to grow, trees to bloom, even nurturing animals back to health again.

As an adolescent, in the hallowed hallways of Ruvezkan, she’d learnt that not everyone had the same opinion as her. Shunned and excluded, she found solace in the other small group of Green Mages who banded together against the world. From all walks of life, from all around the world, they found comfort in the knowledge that they weren’t the only Green Mage in Ruvezkan.

And now, that same group watched the army amass along the battlefield below them. Who would have thought that the same Mages who had shunned them all those years ago would now turn up with an army at their backs because they were so scared of them?

“I’d have thought they would have at least brought the decent army,” Taneq remarked, holding his horse steady, “like this is the reserve army.”

“The main army is too busy fighting their dumb civil war in the north,” Huketh remarked to Charleni’s left, “so they send in the reserves to deal with us.”

Charleni snorted.

“Like they think they can deal with us easily,” she remarked, holding her staff out to the side so the bottom of it could just about touch the ground. The others followed her lead, taking out their own staffs and placing them on the ground.

“I supposed they’ll soon learn,” Huketh remarked, “what with Marne causing chaos in the North. They’ll soon learn to bow to us.”

Across the battlefield, the army began to shout and holler, as if making more noise would make them more intimidating. Charleni thought they looked like childish fools.

“Shall we teach them a lesson then?” Charleni said, drawing on the Green Magics. Her staff began to crackle with energy, pure life force that no other colour of magics could access.

“Lets,” Taneq said, grinning.

In one swift movement, Charleni pulled her staff from the ground and pointed it at the army. Energy leapt out of the end, firing across the grasslands. The ground began to shift and move as skeletons from animals and humans were pulled to the surface by the magics, knitted together to form creatures of horror.

The army stopped hollering chants and soon began to scream at the skeletal army now facing them.

“Forward,” Charleni said, gesturing with her hand. The skeletons began to run towards the other army.

Now it was time to reach them a lesson about Green Magics.

Not it was time to unleash hell.

Stories on a Theme is a writing challenge to write flashfictions set on a particular Weekly Theme. It’s running from 6th July to 30th August – Check out my IG for more info on how to join in!

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