Never Stop Learning (Monday Inspiration)

Don’t just “write what you know.”

Learn about what you don’t know. Question your own understanding of the universe and the systems that have given you the life you lead. Ask yourself what you can learn about the world that will change that perspective.

Then add what you’ve learn to your story.

It is not your place to tell the stories of others, but it is your job to make your writing as beautifully rich and diverse as this world is.

#Mondayinspiration is a chance for me to share my own motivational post it notes with the writing world at large. In the hope, maybe that someone else finds it as helpful as I do!

  • How To: Basics of Plotting
    There are hundreds upon hundreds of tools out there on the internet to teach you the fundamental parts of a story. However, I want to tell you a secret- Come closer. Closer still. Listening? You don’t have to follow all of those plot structures all of the time. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is … More How To: Basics of Plotting
  • “How To” – Creatures & Animals
    This edition of my “How To” series I’m looking at creatures & animals that populate your fantasy world – how to make them unique, how to make them fit within your world, and how to make them relevant to your story. You don’t need to build every detail One of the things about worldbuilding is … More “How To” – Creatures & Animals
  • "How To" – Weather
    The weather. Not something that would normally be considered paramount in a worldbuilding session. It’s a thing that, unless fundamental to your story (e.g. Stormlight Archives’ “Highstorms”), it is part of your patchwork of the world that enriches the world of your story. However, if you think about your day-to-day life, you still decide a … More "How To" – Weather

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