Never Stop Learning (Monday Inspiration)

Don’t just “write what you know.”

Learn about what you don’t know. Question your own understanding of the universe and the systems that have given you the life you lead. Ask yourself what you can learn about the world that will change that perspective.

Then add what you’ve learn to your story.

It is not your place to tell the stories of others, but it is your job to make your writing as beautifully rich and diverse as this world is.

#Mondayinspiration is a chance for me to share my own motivational post it notes with the writing world at large. In the hope, maybe that someone else finds it as helpful as I do!

  • How To: Multiple POVs
    Points of View, or POVs, can be a powerful tool when writing fantasy or science fiction stories. Not only is it common across both genres, it allows you to explore aspects of a story that would otherwise be lost if you were to use one point of view. However, POVs also introduce an exponential level … More How To: Multiple POVs
  • How To: Beat Writer’s Block
    You sit down, open up your current project and…. Nothing happens. You try to re-read the previous night’s work, working your way into the scene. But no ideas spark, and the words you try and write just feel boring. Dull. Ever had this? Then, like all writers you’ve had writer’s block! The topic of today’s … More How To: Beat Writer’s Block
  • How To: The Business of Writing
    Any information contained in this article should be construed as legal advice and is not intended to be a substitute the appropriate legal or other professional advice in your jurisdiction. So, writing a novel is one part of the process, but actually making it a living? That’s a whole other ballgame. Whilst I’m still working … More How To: The Business of Writing

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