Never Stop Learning (Monday Inspiration)

Don’t just “write what you know.”

Learn about what you don’t know. Question your own understanding of the universe and the systems that have given you the life you lead. Ask yourself what you can learn about the world that will change that perspective.

Then add what you’ve learn to your story.

It is not your place to tell the stories of others, but it is your job to make your writing as beautifully rich and diverse as this world is.

  • How to write with music
    Music can be a fantastic writing prompt, regardless of what genre you are writing in. Think about when you watch a TV programme or movie – music is a key part of the storytelling narrative! And there is no reason why it can’t be part of your storytelling arsenal. Music can be a great way … More How to write with music
  • Top tips for decribing your characters
    Describing characters falls into two key areas – firstly what the character actually looks like and then secondly how to actually describe your character to your reader. Deciding what your character looks like can help inform other aspects of your story, and certain characteristics can be a key plot point. Look at the Wheel of … More Top tips for decribing your characters
  • Editing a First Draft – Top Tips
    First drafts are fickle creatures. They are hastily thrown together (especially if you are a “gardener” writer like myself) and need work to form the story that you see in your mind’s eye. Editing your first draft can feel like climbing a mountain without a guidebook – there is simply so much to fix, and … More Editing a First Draft – Top Tips

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