Imagination (Stories on a Theme – “Magic”)

Imagination is taking the world that we see and creating something different in our minds eye.

It’s the comfort of daydreams, their warm embrace allowing you to slip into a world beyond reality and live out another life with another set of possibilities.

It’s writing down a plan, of how to make your dreams a reality. It’s understanding what the limitations of this world are and committing to breaking them down. Not just for you, and for your dreams, but for others whose dreams are more limited than yours.

It’s waking up and seeing a new day and seeing the possibility in it. It’s creating at its purest, not limited by the size of words or pencils or colour.

It is a challenge to the normal. A challenge to ourselves to think outside the boundaries of the world and the life we know. A challenge to listen, to learn, and to think how can we do better.

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