Evidence (Stories on a Theme – “Weak”)

It wouldn’t be enough to bring them to justice, Alethina knew that, but it would be enough to something.

That something was most likely call the powers of all four Captains down on her tiny little quadrant. Mean she ended up in prison for it, or at least on the run for a few years until she could get clear of the Captincy Region.

But I can’t stay silent, Alethina thought. If she chose silence, then Captain Maron’s crimes in the 4th quadrant would go unknown. Unsolved. The people who had been sent down into the mines, prisoners of wars manufactured by Maron himself.

No, they could not be left. Even if Alethina did not have the fire power to hammer the base and free the prisoners, she could do something.

Bring it on, she thought.

She hit the enter button, and sent the videos to the galaxy wide news hub.

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