Vulnerable (Stories on a Theme – “Weak”)

To be vulnerable is to pull back your rib cage and reveal your beating heart beneath it. To show your true self with every facet of pain and anguish that lies within it.

It is to be fearful of acceptance, and then ripping apart your ribs anyway. It is the shameless statement of this is who I am.

It can be a moment of power, of choice, but other times it is coincidence. It is the breaking of your final barrier, the crumbling of your fucks to give, and the façade falls. In that moment, you don’t care who sees your heart or your pain or your anguish, but you just have to release it.

To be vulnerable is to show up for the next day, knowing your secrets have been spilled and to trust those you love keep them, respect them. Love you anyway.

It is the true mark of bravery to be vulnerable.

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