Delicate (Stories on a Theme – “Weak”)

Love is an emotion that is layered in the human heart.

It grows between people, between friends, between family. It comes in may forms, it sees many faces, but it is a gentle act of kindness.

A delicate promise. An I care about you, and an I promise to look after you.

When the world falls apart, your world, the whole world, our world, falls apart, love can be crushed. It can be crushed under anger, under hatred, under ignorance.

But it cannot be destroyed.

Because whilst love is delicate, it still flourishes in the darkest of times. It persists in the hearts of those who cultivate it and who pass it on. It flourishes in the fire of trying times and it forces the humans that make up this world to do better.

To be better.

Love is delicate, but it is not weak. It is the strongest ties that bind us all in a commonality which can never be truly destroyed.

Only if you look. And you learn.

And you listen.

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