Perfect for Us (Stories on a Theme – “Sea”)

“I like it here,” Janya said, pulling Trean’s arm around her, “it’s nice.”

Trean hummed in agreement. Here, there was the only sound of the sea to lull them to sleep. Janya especially, a sea witch, needed to be near the sea to allow her magic to work. Trean’s own magic was not linked to the land or the sea, but the starlight from the nights sky.

“Yeh,” he replied, pressing a kiss to the top of Janya’s head. Here, they could both thrive. They had a clear sky at night for Trean to make the amulets to sell to the local traders and they had the sea for Janya to chant the waves to calm to allow passing ships to get into the ports in the North.

It’s perfect, Trean thought, pulling Janya close, perfect for us.

Stories on a Theme is a writing challenge to write flashfictions set on a particular Weekly Theme. It’s running from 6th July to 30th August – Check out my IG for more info on how to join in!

  • The Lost Mage
    “So, you used to be famous?” Marle could hear the excitement in her Granddaughter voice. Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt as much as she expected it to. It had hurt … More The Lost Mage
  • No Fighting, Not Anymore
    “We’re not fighting, not anymore.” Geiler held out her hand and dropped her gun on the floor. It rang out across the silent cavern with a resounding thud. “We’re … More No Fighting, Not Anymore
  • The Joining Payment
    “We’ve got 10 minutes until the alarm goes off.” Fezula didn’t look concerned. She was never concerned about this. “Fine,” she replied, “let’s get to work.” She held out … More The Joining Payment
  • Can’t Do It
    “I can’t do it,” Felruza slammed her fist against the table. Why was it so damn hard? Why could everyone else do this one simple thing and she couldn’t? … More Can’t Do It
  • Like the Sky at Sundown
    “You’re orange,” A bit of a state-the-obvious comment from Ryan. Cassie wiped the orange blood of her blade and sheathed her weapon. Monster blood never made for a particularly … More Like the Sky at Sundown
  • Not anywhere
    Dead Dead. Not alive. Not here. Not anywhere that I can perceive. Just. Not here. What does that mean for life, when death is so swift and random. How … More Not anywhere

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