Living in Uncertain (May Update)

This month has been another month of the uncertain. Uncertain routine, uncertain world, uncertain possibilities.

In the backdrop of all of this uncertainty, writing has both been a gift and a curse. Gift, because it gives me some much needed structure and a longer term goal than get through this week. A curse, because amidst all this uncertainty lies stress, and it’s possible to get stressed with writing too. I’ve found myself retreating to computer games or the garden in an attempt to break the monotony of the weeks.

This month, my focus has been on this blog, finishing my Assassins 1 scene list for this month, and trying new bakes out in the kitchen. I’ve managed to update my blog and finish my scenes list, and I now own a sourdough starter called “Joseph” (named due to the fact the cloth covering the jar looks like the teatowel hats children wear in nativity plays).

Writing Update

I’m talking more in my Newsletter about my Assassins 1 progress (along with a sneak peak!), the difficulties I’ve had with the plot, and trying to learn how to write a murder/mystery plotline. It’s been a challenge, but slowly but surely making progress.

Outside of Assassins 1, I’ve been spending my time updating this blog with a new look – I wanted to make it feel more clean and have a better home page. A few evenings of work and I’m quite pleased with the way it’s turned out.

Also I’ve been working on my short story The Gateway of Arieum, which I’m hoping (!) to have finished before my Newsletter so that everyone subscribed can get first dibs at reading! I’ve gone through a number of iterations of the plot and have now settled on something that is a nice balance of pace and action.

Summer Newsletter

I’m currently busy working away at my Summer Newsletter – I’ve got lots of exciting goodies in this issue, including my WIP snippet and my thoughts on the Traditional vs Self Publishing routes!

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What else have I been up to?

Lockdown productivity is something I spoke about last month in my blog, and it’s something that I’ve really had to take to heart this May. As my day job is still busy and stressful, and a lot of my time is taken up with our significant DIY Projects we’ve got going on at home, I’ve tried to find other activities to entertain myself – namely: making sourdough.

Now, as a Gluten Intolerant person, as much as I like eating bread, bread does not like me. I’m okay with gluten in small quantities, but large amounts (and especially bread amounts) really do not agree. However, sourdough is apparently something that I can eat (apparently), as the longer proving time helps develop/breakdown the gluten more.

So naturally, having spent the last year or so missing proper bread very much, I’ve decided to give it a go.

I’m now on loaf #2 (very pleased with this loaf) and pizza base #1. I was fortunate enough to find a local flour producer who delivers, and whilst it’s not as cost effective as going to Tescos, it is a lot of fun. And satisfying. And feels a little bit experimental.

Loaf #2

If anyone wants to give it a go, I’ve put the starter recipe and the sourdough recipe that I’ve used both below! Happy bread making!

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Masaaki Komori on Unsplash

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