Read More Stories (Monday Inspiration)

Reading is as important to be a good writer as it is to practice writing. You can see how other stories are constructed and written, how they’ve dealt with the same plot pains you have, how they’ve created tension and pacing.

Reading also allows you to be a reader again, just a reader enjoying a story. In the midst of writing and editing, you need to see stories from the reader’s perspective. The person who doesn’t see the pain and the edits and the old drafts, just the finished story that they love.

  • Sourvenir
    “What do you think?” Francesca said, holding up a tiny little elephant. It screamed “Tourist souvenir”, which her mother would hate, but Francesca didn’t care. It was small enough to fit in her … More Sourvenir
  • Away from the Keyboard – May Thoughts
    May has been taken up with other things other than writing. Good, happy, positive things, that have kept me busier than ever and have turned my world upside down. But it has meant … More Away from the Keyboard – May Thoughts
  • Edits and Upcycling
    It’s been a while since I’ve written a novel update, mostly because it’s been a while since I’ve sat down and focussed some time on my novel. For me, beginnings of a story … More Edits and Upcycling
  • The Runners
    Winya dropped her bags on the floor. The metal floor rung out as the heavy bags slammed into the floor. Winya winced. Rugs, then, Winya thought, looking around her tiny apartment. The apartments … More The Runners
  • Why Your Writing Goals are Important
    I do love a good goal. I particularly enjoy setting goals, even if I know they are overly ambitious and slightly ridiculous. Here are my three reasons why writing goals are as important … More Why Your Writing Goals are Important
  • Sundown Sky
    “Reminds you of home, doesn’t it?” Canath remarked, kicking their legs under them. In front of them, the great City of Naithe burned into smolders, leaving trailing smoke floating high into the sky. … More Sundown Sky

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